Friday, May 3, 2013

Compound Words

Are you looking for an excellent detailed lesson plan about compound words with aesthetically pleasing worksheets? Sorry. I'm sorry, that's not what you're going to get. But if you're looking for a quick compound word worksheet that looks like someone made it in about 15 minutes using Word and some clip art, you're in luck!

But, really, it's a fun worksheet. The students like it because it's like solving a puzzle and it helps solidify the concept of compound words as being two words that make a new word when squished together.

Here are a couple tips for teaching it.
1) Introduce the concept by holding up a yellow and blue crayon and asking what students think will happen when they put the colors together. Demonstrate that when we put two colors together it makes a new color and sometimes when we put two words together it makes a new word. 
2) Tell the students they are going to be detectives and to get out their imaginary magnifying glasses. When you pass out the worksheet have them use their magnifying glasses to solve each compound word puzzle.
3) After they solve each clue ask, "What type of word is this?" Or they will quickly forget what a compound word is.
4) Have the students stretch their arms out and squish them together as they say, "compound word." Getting them to do something physical while saying the word always helps for recall later.

Soon, I plan to actually make that excellent detailed lesson plan with aesthetically pleasing worksheets. So, that link will show up here one of these days**. But for now, here's the link to the free download:

If you do end up using it, let me know of any other teaching tips to make it a more effective lesson!

** Did it!

*Pop quiz! How many compound words can you find in this post? The winner gets nothing. Not even a sense of pride.


  1. Seven! I found seven! I feel so proud . . . oh, wait.

  2. Loved this post and i think you're doing an excellent job on your blog. I would really like to encourage you to make more frequent posts also.'cuz your stuff is good :)