Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'ma Introduce Myself


I guess I did it. I started a blog. So...that happened. Eventually, I even plan to post things!

But this is more just an introduction. So here goes. I've been teaching for almost 7 years, both as a teacher and an aide, in the regular education setting and the special education setting, in charter schools, mainstream public schools and tutoring programs, and in elementary and high school (though elementary is by far my favorite).

Despite the title of the blog, I really quite like teaching! And when done right, it's a passion for me. Sometimes I get in teaching slumps, however, and I've found one way to get out of them is to scour the internet for fun and creative ideas instead of relying solely on my own brain which has this nasty habit of not wanting to put in any more effort than is absolutely necessary. When I do go into this pilot mode of teaching, even though my brain thinks it's what I want, I am the least happy with my job.

This is why I am forever grateful for people who have teaching blogs with tips and ideas that get me excited about teaching and remind me that it can be very rewarding and enjoyable. It usually gets me out of my teacher's block and back into creativity mode.

And that rambling intro brings be to the reason why I finally caved and made a blog. It's a two-fold reason. I'd like to share some of my ideas with other teachers to help them with their slumps, and I think this will give me a bit more motivation to come up with creative ideas for my own students.

That is all!