Cute Things My Students Say

Oh, how I wish I'd written down all the cute things my students say! There could be a book full. But alas, I'm left to my memory, and that means there's only going to be a few until the new school year starts.

None of these were meant to be cute and were quite genuine. And there are loads more of unintentionally inappropriate things they've said or done that I'd love to write, but it would probably be against my better judgement, and I'm sure would come back to haunt me sometime.


1. I was giving a lesson on beginning, middle, and end. For an example I told my students. "At the beginning of the day, we have breakfast. In the middle we have lunch. And last we have . . .?"

Student: Strawberries?

No. No, not strawberries. Try again.

2. Student: Mrs. (my last name), when are you ever going to get married?

The answer is in the question! And what's funny is my initial reaction was kind of defensive, almost responding, "When I'm good and ready!" Then I remembered I am married.

3. Student: Kindergartners are SOOOOO cute!

Says my cutest, smallest, 1st grader.

4. Student: I can't run as fast as I can today.

Don't know why I think this one is so funny, but I do.

5. We were discussing the date and talking about what year it is, when this gem happened.

Me: Right now it's 2013, but it won't always be 2013. Soon it will be a new year. Does anyone know when it becomes a new year?

Student: (quite confidently raising his hand): In the 80's.

6. We were headed back to the classroom during the break for the middleschoolers. They can get pretty crazy during the break and my students are about half their size, which can be intimidating. I prepped them for this and we did in fact make it back safely.

Me: That wasn't so bad was it?

Student: . . . I thought we were going to die.

He sounded so serious. And to be fair, I still get kind of scared trying to navigate my way through a hall of crowded teenagers.


  1. Ha ha ha! Love these. "I thought we were going to die."